What happened to this site?

Good question, isn’t it?

Well kids, here’s the deal:  I’m dropping this site.  I’ve had a few people try to rip this story off already (as well as that idiot whose site I posted in the comments), and I’ve worked too long and too hard on this to just have someone steal it.  It’s my goal to finish it within the next couple of months, get an agent and get this shit publish.  That’s not really going to happen if someone steals it before then, and it’s not going to happen if I have it all up on the web for just anyone to steal.  But there are a number of you who’ve been loyal to this place, and who love the story, and I hate to just leave you all in the lurch.  


Does that mean I can’t read it anymore?

Well, yes and no.  You have two options.  Number one would be to wait until the book comes out and buy a copy.  But your guess is as good as mine as to when that’s going to happen, and even if everything goes smoothly, that’s probably a year away.  The other option is this:  Send me an e-mail. 


Why do I need to send you an email?

Well, because that way I know who’s reading this site.  See, I’m putting something up somewhere else, where those of you who I talk to can keep reading.  I want to be sure that no one is going to steal my shit.  There are a number of you reading this site that I know and trust, but this site gets a pretty good amount of traffic, so a lot of people I don’t know are coming here all the time


Damn Chef, aren’t you being a little overprotective? 

Probably.  But I’ve spent too much time on this story, and it means too much to me both personally and professionally to put myself at risk. I hope that you can all understand this.  There’s also the fact that publishers aren’t too keen on buying anything that other people can read freely.  So this needs to be very quiet.


Alright, I’ve bought into your shit, so where do I send you an e-mail?

Right here:




It’s the same e-mail I’ve been using since I started this site.  Just send me an e-mail and tell me who you are.  Tell me where you found out about this site, and what you think of the story.  And be honest.  If you are, there’s a good chance I’ll forward you to the new site.  If I do, don’t pass the site around. 


After a week from now, on 5-28, I’ll take this message down.  That’s how long the window is open.  So if you want to keep reading, send me an email, and it might happen.